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I can't get pictures online

2007-09-13 11:59:13 by Coffeeaddict99

Whenever I try to get a picture online, such as a flash icon or a profile picture, it gives me an error "sorry you need a .gif or a .jpeg" the problem is the picture IS a .gif, and it is within the size and memory requirements. I've also tried .jpg and .jpeg, they don't work either.
Am I the only one having this problem?

//problem solved. thanks to anyone who tried to help.


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2007-10-02 17:42:13

If it's on your own server/site; get someone in your vicinity to check it out.. otherwise: Go to a different upload site... and check the properties again!

It's probably something silly.. it always is..


2008-07-20 23:21:06

I have not idea what the problem is so I can't really help.


2008-07-20 23:24:09

I got fast on that game buttonmasher that you made. How much do you need to get to the best rank?

Coffeeaddict99 responds:

i think its like 160 or something... you get button god. it's really hard, obviously. and if you somehow get over nine thousand points, you qualify for cheater rank. the highest honor.