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Help me name my new game!

2008-08-07 08:48:13 by Coffeeaddict99

I'm almost finished developing my fourth game. It's kind of a sequal to my last mediocre game, ButtonMasher. But this one's different. The idea is, lettered enemies appear on the screen, and you hover your mouse over them and press the letter to kill them. They come towards you, and if they hit you, you lose health. It's kind of like a defense game in that you can quickly become overwhelmed and are eventually going to lose no matter how good you are. There's a lot more to it, that's just the idea.

Problem is, I can't think of a good name for it! It's not like ButtonMasher in either graphic style or gameplay, so ButtonMasher II won't work. There's probobly plenty of clever names, I'm just too busy programming to think of them.

Help me out, please!


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2008-08-07 09:21:13

yo can i help name it but do i get credit


2008-08-07 09:28:51

So do i get credit then wat about

Button Defender
Killer Button
Defend Button Hero
Or Defender B.


2008-08-07 10:13:57

does these help?
button killer
night of the letter people
mash and kill
{don't care if credited or not}


2009-03-03 08:53:40

quiet gething out blockmadness idont know runicape lolipop3000